Collaboratrice : Penney Clark

« Penney Clark’s research interests centre on the areas of social studies education; history teaching and learning; the historical development of curriculum in Canada; the political and economic contexts of curriculum development and textbook production; and deconstruction of text.

Dr. Clark was recently awarded a Strategic Knowledge Cluster Grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The History Education Network/Histoire et Éducation en Réseau (THEN/HiER)  (2008-2015) will promote the development and maintenance of a community of inquiry among the various constituencies involved in history education: academic historians; public historians in museums, archives and historic sites; practicing teachers; researchers based in faculties of education; and curriculum policy makers. It aims to disseminate current Canadian and international research on history education out of the universities to broader communities of stakeholders; provide opportunities for engagement with, and critique of, this research, with the aim of bridging research and practice; and to promote new classroom research. This project will collaboratively develop teacher resource materials and on-line museum-based activities for schools, as well as authentic approaches to assessment of students’ historical literacy. It will also make recommendations for curriculum policy. Co-Applicants: Margaret Conrad, Professor and CRC, University of New Brunswick; Kevin Kee, Associate Professor and CRC, Brock University; Jocelyn Létourneau, Professor and CRC, Laval; Stéphane Lévesque, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa; Ruth Sandwell, Associate Professor, OISE/UT; Peter Seixas, Professor and CRC, UBC; Amy von Heyking, Associate Professor, University of Lethbridge. »

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