William Johnson et Jocelyn Létourneau


Dans le National Post du 8 avril, William Johnson commente les études de Jocelyn Létourneau à propos de la conscience historique des jeunes Québécois :

[…] Létourneau gave an assignment to more than 4,000 students, asking them to summarize the history of Quebec. Here’s how he describes their vision: “Among the francophones, [their vision of Quebec’s history] is expressed roughly as follows: ‘Because of the Other, our destiny was side-tracked and our collective quest took the shape of a struggle for survival.’”

As there was a serpent in the Garden of Eden, so Quebec’s destiny supposedly was derailed by the “Other” – the Anglo. Létourneau reports that the young Québécois view New France as “the Golden Age.” Then, from the original Fall of the Conquest, all the painful history of Quebec follows.

À ce sujet, voici un court texte produit par Létourneau en réponse à un texte antérieur de Johnson : Les jeunes Québécois et « Les Anglais ».

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