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Description of the Canada Research Chair in Contemporary Political History and Economy in Québec


Studying Quebec society in terms of the conditions needed for it to grow and flourish, and the evolution of its historical identity in the context of globalization.


Will help to better identify the challenges facing modern-day Quebec.


In a world undergoing massive change, small communities must overcome enormous challenges, especially with regard to the conditions they need to grow and flourish and the evolution of their historical identities. Quebec is a particularly fascinating laboratory for researchers interested in studying identity processes at work in modern societies open to intercultural realities and the challenge of globalization. It will be the objective of this chair to find a new approach to examining Quebec society in the modern-day context of change.

Jocelyn Létourneau, a professor at Université Laval, will hold the chair. An expert in interpreting Quebec history, examining relations between Quebec and Canada and analyzing modern-day Western societies, Mr. Létourneau is one of Canada’s most original historians and intellectuals. His work focusses mainly on community memory and community perceptions of identity. His research has a broad international dimension because, around the world, community memory determines how communities relate to each other and perceive their future.

A committed researcher, concerned in particular with the issue of the role of intellectuals in society, he participates in current scientific debates in the fields of history and the social sciences, as well as in the debates on identity in Quebec and Canada. He is a regular guest at fora on Canadian and Quebec studies around the world.